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Website Deactiviation

xByron aHead-Admin posted 23 hours ago
I will be closing the website tomorrow. Its been great everyone.
rainbowp1g HeroBeta Tester Ah well, I guess this is goodbye forever. Looks like the server won't be opening up and if it does should be a while Wel ...

Server Closed

xByron aHead-Admin posted Jul 16, 14
If you have any questions or concerns please enjin message me.
TheSwifter1198 HeroBeta Tester Ugh man! Is it gone for good? I just got a new computer and now i cant even play on my favorite server!?!?!?
FaZe_Moon1 i wish i was white listed on their server when its not closed
Datgodapple User++Pioneer RIP in peace . . . . . . (Yes i know i said rest in peace in peace)

Server Down!

xByron aHead-Admin posted Jun 11, 14
The server is currently down until 1.8. Our hamsters who were running our server powered via wheel have run out of steam and we need to buy a new ones!

These hamsters are genetically modified to run there entire lives so they are very expensive! We are currently saving up for some of these little guys!
dieguy88 psssst Byron does that mean I don't get my prot 999 armor?
Teddy411 Byron my brother is an animal control officer I'm telling him Your busted
rainbowp1g HeroBeta Tester The SWAG SHACK!
Shoutbox - HAPPY NOW!
I will let him know apple
This is an end of an era. Don't worry for there will be a newer and better era for us! And halo, if you see this, I'm going to unblock you on Skype. But lie to me again, it willl come back to stay.
Yes it is.
Is TE gonna be down forever?
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