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Donation sale and new pack!

GitWithAGun aAdmin posted Jan 9, 14

From now until the end of the livestream today all iteams in the store are 15%!

Not only that but there is a new starter pack aswell which contains useful items and is 25% off but also until the end of livestream.

If you have been holding off donating now would be a good time.

TE Staff

The next episode of Epic faction battles will be livestreamed tomorrow. Get your gear ready.


8pm EST

1am GMT

2am CET

Good luck TE Staff

A New Beginning!

Deidara2 User++ posted Jan 1, 14
Hello Everyone!
The server is now reset to 1.7.4. When you join you might still be in the old world, but if you do /spawn you will come to the new spawn in the new world. Good Luck with your surviving 
Hey guys
still in 1.7.5
anyone unable to connect?
We havent updated, you need 1.7.5 to play on the server
what is the IP for the new version of minecraft
You do not have access to shout
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